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Cost Of Living Scams

    When scammers see an opportunity to rip someone off they will take advantage of it, and the cost of living crisis is a great way for criminals to take advantage of vulnerable people who need support during this difficult time. Don’t let the scammer scum take all your money read the following which will make you aware of the latest scams which are happening in 2023.

    Cost of living payments

    Beware of texts asking you to claim or apply for the cost of living help from or the Department for Work and Pensions. You don’t need to apply or do anything else to claim the payment. If you’re eligible, you’ll automatically receive the money straight into your bank account.

    Energy Rebate

    There has been a rise in scammers claiming to be from one of the ‘big six’ energy companies, as well as Ofgem. They send emails, using official logos, claiming you have overpaid for your energy and asking you to fill out a form with personal and financial information for a refund. This is a SCAM you will automatically receive an energy rebate from the government via the energy company

    Council Tax

    Scammers, pretending to work for your local council, phone up, saying you have overpaid your Council Tax and offer you a refund. The scammer then requests bank details with the promise of a refund for the alleged overpayment, but instead, steals your savings. The council will never ring you up to ask for your bank details.

    Loan fee fraud

    Loan fee fraud occurs when people pay an upfront or advance fee for a loan they never receive. It’s an increasingly common scam that is reported to the Financial Conduct Authority, with people losing £280 on average.

    Always check the provider is authorized by the FCA before you borrow. Visit for more information.