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Amazon Anydesk Remote Application Scam

    A scam involves a scammer from India who sends a text message to the victim claiming to be from Amazon. The text message claims to be from Amazon stating they will be charged for an Amazon purchase.

    In the text, victims are provided with a toll-free telephone number to cancel the purchase. The victims, who never made the Amazon purchase, called the toll-free number to cancel the charges.

    When they called the number to cancel the order, a subject impersonating an Amazon employee connects them to someone impersonating an Amazon fraud specialist. In speaking with the subject impersonating the fraud specialist, victims are directed to download the Anydesk Remote app to their telephones, so that the fraud specialist can assist in cancelling the transactions.

    The Anydesk Remote app provides the scammer with access to the victim’s mobile telephone, computer which includes bank and other accounts stored on the device. Once the scammer has access via Anydesk Remote app to your device they will try and access your personal information or banking information in order to rip you off.

    Scam Advice

    1. Amazon will never send you a text message, whats apps message about a recent order.
    2. Amazon will not ask you to call a toll free number.
    3. If the person claiming to be from amazon has an Indian accent put the phone down 
    4. Never download the anydesk remote application to your computer, mobile device
    5. Do not share your bank account details with someone you do not know.
    6. report the scam to Amazon