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Ukraine Scams

    Scammers are taking advantage of the Ukraine war to scam people out of money. Action Fraud estimate that they have received around 200 reports of fake requests to fundraise for victims of the Ukraine war with scammers asking people to donate money via a scam donation website or via text or by calling a premium rate telephone number.

    How To Spot A Fake Ukraine Scam Website

    • Poor spelling and grammar included on the website

    • Long, convoluted web or email addresses which do not look official

    • Unsecure websites which display security  warnings on your browser when you visit them

    • Blurry images, logos, and branding can be a sign that materials have been copied

    • Vague information on what happens to donations

    • Asking for donations using cryptocurrency, gift cards, or direct bank transfers

    The Cyber security firm ESET has published a list of scam websites

    All these sites should be 100% avoided. If you are sent a link to a site that you think isn’t genuine, make sure you spend some time doing some research before you make any kind of donation.

    If you want to contribute to the relief effort in Ukraine, make sure you do so safely. There are plenty of legitimate organizations doing incredible work and accepting donations. Below is a list of just some of the organizations on the ground in Ukraine at the moment:

    1. The International Committee of the Red Cross

    2. Save the Children

    3. Doctors Without Borders

    4. UNICEF