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Crypto Currency Scams

    Everyone is talking about Cryptocurrency and how to make money from digital currency as a consequence scammers have also realized they can rip people off by using a variety of Crypto Currency scams.

    The first one involves giving free bitcoins away via social media which asks you to visit a website to confirm your identity.

    The website will ask you to enter your personal and bank account details. While you are on the website the criminals will install malware, and viruses on your PC or mobile device and steal money from your bank account.

    The next scam involves a Fake cryptocurrency exchange website where the criminal will ask you to buy cryptocurrency via a website they own and run which is designed to look like a real and authentic website similar to or which are authentic cryptocurrency exchange websites. Once you visit the criminal’s fake cryptocurrency exchange website they will pressure you into buying the currency with a wide range of sales tricks on the website and via chat and social media.

    The third scam involves someone calling you with a great investment opportunity to buy cryptocurrency. The criminal will claim to be from an investment, broker company and will use pressurized sales techniques to get you to make a decision to invest in the cryptocurrency.

    Scam Advice

    1. Do not invest your money based on a text message, WhatsApp message or email message from someone claiming to make you rich via cryptocurrencies.
    2. If you do wish to invest in cryptocurrency do it via a regulated financial advisor.
    3. If someone calls you asking you to invest in crypto, its a scam
    4. Always do your research before making an investment
    5. Never feel pressured into making a decision to invest with sales scams like ” This offer is available for one day only, if you don’t invest now you will miss out, I can double your money, this is a great opportunity”
    6. The bottom line is they are all scams that don’t get ripped off never give money to someone you have met online or over the phone unless you have done your research and are 100% sure they are authentic.