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How To Report A Scam

    Getting scammed by a scammer is not a nice experience it can have a negative impact on your overall personality, confidence, and mental health. You may feel a sense of shame or embarrassment that someone has managed to abuse your trust in order to steal your money or even take your life savings. Remember anyone can fall victim to a scammer, the important thing is to turn this negative experience into a positive experience which may help other people from becoming a victim.

    Important Information

    1. Make a note of any important information including the phone number the scammer calls you from.
    2. Make a note of the email address they used or the website address you visited.
    3. Try to remember the specific date, and time the scam took place.
    4. When did the money leave your bank account and how much money was stolen from you?
    5. Gather as much information as possible about how they scammed you.

    How To Report The Scammer

    You can report the crime to one of the following official UK websites which may prevent other people from being ripped off by these criminals.

    1. Contact your Bank AS soon as possible to make them aware of the issue. They may be able to stop the money leaving your bank account or try and retrieve the money for you from the criminal who stole it.
    2. Report it to the action fraud website at or on 0300 123 2040 Monday to Friday 8 am – 8 pm
    3. Report it to the government at
    4. Report it to the Trading Standards office by visiting
    5. Report the issue to the citizen’s advice website via
    6. For calls, texts you can also report it to Ofcom at