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HMRC Tax Scam

    The HMRC tax scam is a popular one used by scammers trying to exploit people

    Some of the most commonly reported HMRC scams include the following

    1. An automated message saying that HMRC is filing a lawsuit against you. You are asked to press 1 to be connected to a caseworker which is normally a scammer based in India.
    2. A cold caller telling you that you are being charged with tax fraud. In order to avoid court action you are asked to send a copy of your passport and to pay over £1,000
    3. An automated message saying that your National Insurance number has been compromised or is invalid. You are asked to press 1 to speak to an ‘advisor’ where you will be transferred to the scammer.
    4. An automated message purportedly from a criminal agency, saying that your National Insurance number is going to be suspended and your assets seized. The message asks you to press 1 to stop your assets being seized.
    5. A cold caller saying that you owe up to £500 in unpaid tax and will be arrested in a couple of hours if you don’t pay immediately. You may be asked to make the payment in vouchers or prepaid cards for Amazon or Google Play

    Scam Advice

    1. Cross-check all HMRC communication with the official list at
    2. Do not press 1 or follow any other instructions given in an automated message
    3. Do not click on any links included in the email, text message, Whatsapp, or Facebook message
    4. Never give anyone money or give out your bank account details
    5. Call the HRMC directly at
    6. Report the scam at